Enhancing Computer Security with Smart Technology

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Divided into two major parts, Enhancing Computer Security with Smart Technology introduces the problems of computer security to researchers with a machine learning background, then introduces machine learning concepts to computer security professionals.

Realizing the massive scope of these subjects, the author concentrates on problems related to the detection of intrusions through the application of machine learning methods and on the practical algorithmic a… More >>

Enhancing Computer Security with Smart Technology

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  1. Ben Rothke says:

    While sometimes interesting and, indeed, cutting edge, Enhancing Computer Security with Smart Technology is not a work that the average security professional will find worth slogging through. Chapters, contributed by several writers, have titles such as “Artificial Immune Systems in Intrusion Detection” and “Applications of Wavelets in Network Security.” One problem may be that most of the authors are from the academic, not corporate, community.

    Another problem is that the work is not a cohesive whole. The book is a collection of nine tutorials that were written by fifteen authors, and they don’t connect well. They seem to be standalone papers that are loosely pulled together for the purpose of this volume.

    The goal of the book is to show how to use “smart technology” (which, regrettably, the authors never define) to enhance computer security. Much of the book is based on machine learning and machine-learning tools, including algorithmic aspects of machine learning. Consequently, material is solely for the truly devoted reader, particularly a student in a graduate-level computer science course.

    Rating: 3 / 5

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