Enterprise Mobile Q&A With DJ Oreb at DMI: Prioritizing UX in Mobile

Enterprise mobility has become an increasingly important part of enterprise connectivity, especially as many companies have shifted to remote, global, and hybrid work. Mobile devices and a strong mobile strategy ensure that employees and customers alike are receiving an optimized digital experience.

DMI, an IT service management and digital transformation company that specializes in enterprise mobility, focuses on creating client- and user experience (UX)-driven mobility solutions to match these new enterprise models of operation.

See below to learn about top enterprise mobility trends and expert insights from DJ Oreb, president of managed services at DMI:

DJ Oreb DJ Oreb, president of managed services at DMI

DJ provides guidance and customer insights while retaining loyal and satisfied customers in today’s mobile-connected world. He possesses extensive industry experience in mobile life cycle management, mobile strategy, help desk, telecom expense management, procurement, and mobile device management (MDM). Oreb helps build strong relationships to develop mobile programs for customers. These drive business results to enhance and grow their mobile ecosystem and user experience.

Upon joining DMI, Oreb brought with him an extensive background in information technology, operations management, mobility management, managed services, systems administration, and project management. His customer-focused approach has brought customers new insights into how they manage their mobile programs today.

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Enterprise Mobile Q&A

Building an enterprise mobile career

Datamation: How did you first get started in or develop an interest in mobility services, mobile strategy, and the enterprise mobile industry?

Oreb: I developed an interest in mobility when I got the Nokia 3310 mobile phone. I was intrigued by the ability to be connected on the go and saw it as a turning point in what was possible as well as what it could do for the enterprise.

Datamation: What are your primary responsibilities in your current role?

Oreb: I am the president of the managed services organization at DMI. I am responsible for our managed mobility services, IT infrastructure services, and end-user services portfolio of business and the…