Eye! They send fake WhatsApp emails that are a scam

whatsapp dark
whatsapp dark
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If you have received in the last hours an email sent by WhatsApp… distrust. In the first place, do it because at no time the instant messaging application would contact you by email, and secondly, do it because it is a scam that could nothing less than “hack” your mobile.

Be wary if a company like WhatsApp tries to contact you by email

Despite these two assumptions, there are many users who, in the last hours, are being victims of this deception. This is assured by the Internet Security Office, which has warned of the diffusion that this new attempt at scam with WhatsApp as a hook is getting.

Apparently, the hackers on this occasion are trying to deceive users using a different means than usual: email. The person who is a victim of this deception receives an email with the following title: «Backup of WhatsApp messages * 913071605 Nº (xxxx)«. It may also include its own phone number, which makes more than one user trust that it is a legitimate email.

However, it is not such. In fact, the phone number in relation to the email could have been obtained in some internet data breach. This, however, is not known by some users, who “bite” on the hook and pay attention to the email, considering that it was indeed sent by WhatsApp.

But it is a fake email. Despite the fact that the user is indicated that he will be able to see the conversations stored by that number when clicking on the link, this is a fraudulent link. It actually leads to a download website that asks for permission to download an attachment.

In it, obviously, there is a Trojan virus that what it does is “hack” the mobile phone, giving cybercriminals access to all the information and data that are stored on the device.

To prevent hackers from being able to access our mobile phone, in this case it would be enough to ignore the email received. In addition, as they recall from the Internet Security Office, these emails provide indications that would have to make anyone doubt their veracity: for example, they include words in other languages ​​or with grammatical and…