FBI warning for all Apple and Android users reveals 10 things you have to do to stop hackers

WHETHER you’re an Apple or Android users or prefer logging into accounts on a laptop, the FBI has a warning for you.

The US intelligence and security service has revealed 10 important tips that can keep you stay safe from hackers as cyber crime continues to rise.

The FBI, CISA and National Security Agency (NSA) have issued a warning


The FBI, CISA and National Security Agency (NSA) have issued a warningCredit: Getty

The warning was backed by the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), National Security Agency (NSA) and authorities from Canada, New Zealand, the Netherlands, and the UK.

The security groups have highlighted 10 ways in which hackers will try and exploit your device or hack your accounts.

Following the steps recommended could save you from having personal data stolen or losing money.

Standard advice like setting up multi-factor authentication is on the list as well as other points you might not have considered.

We’ve rounded up the full list for you below.

Set up multi-factor authentication

Most of your social media accounts and online banking will have multi-factor authentication options in their settings section.

Setting this up means there are extra steps to your logging in process and extra barriers to any cybercriminals trying to hack you.

Avoid incorrect permissions

This step applies more to companies and it is something you can point out to your employer.

Security experts warn against having long access permission lists for personal data.

The less people that have access to private and important data, the less people cybercriminals have to hack.

Update your software

This may seem like an obvious point but a lot of people forget to update their software or put off doing system updates.

Software updates usually come with bug fixes so putting them off can let a cybercriminal exploit a flaw in your device.

Don’t use default logins and passwords

Never stick with a default login or password because they’re too easy for a hacker to guess.

Change your passwords often and to something no one could guess about you, avoid birthdays and names of loved ones.

Avoid unnecessary VPNs

Virtual private networks can be useful to surf the internet like you’re in a different country but some can leave you open to scammers.

Be careful…