Federal court system hacked, experts warn it could impact national security

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) -Today federal courts were notified a dangerous hack may have infiltrated the nation’s judicial branch.

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Now lawyers are scrambling to notify clients.

And experts say—the damage from this hack could impact our safety now.

Right now federal officials are investigating an enormous computer breach of the judicial branch.

It’s part of a wider breach that has now impacted all three branches of the government.

Suspected Russian hackers accessed U.S. Government and private companies’ systems for months — without anyone even noticing.

“I’ve been practicing in federal court for 40 years and I’ve never seen anything like this,” says attorney James Martin Davis.

Omaha attorney James Martin Davis is a former secret service agent.

He knows all too well the impact this could have on our entire nation.

“I’ve never seen something so consequential in terms of the size, the magnitude and the depth,” says Davis.

Davis says the impact from this breach goes beyond hackers having information on criminal court cases.

It could have a serious impact on our nation’s security.

That’s because those hackers now have access to countless documents with sealed information.

“Many times, in federal court, there are cases that involve national security or espionage or defense contractors,” says Davis.

Hackers also have sensitive information that could hurt businesses across the nation.

When someone goes to patent and idea or trademark something, it all goes through the federal court system.

“If somebody has the access they can get patent information, trademark information, highly confidential financial information. All those things that can be used, particularly engineering information,” says Davis.

Right now, Davis says the biggest concern our nation is facing, what happens to all the information now in the hacker’s hands.

“We know the hack is very serious. We just don’t know how the perpetrators are going to use that information now,” says Davis.

The judiciary branch is working hard to add new security measures in place.

Documents will now be stored in a stand-alone computer.

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