FEMA deploying over 2,000 employees as Ida carves destructive path

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  • More than 2,400 FEMA employees are in place to help out citizens in Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi and other states that are in the path of Hurricane Ida. In preparation for the Stage 4 storm recovery, FEMA has staged more than 2.5 million meals, 3.1 million liters of water, 76,000 tarps and 64 generators. Additionally, the agency’s Mobile Emergency Response Support assets include deploying Emergency Operations Vehicles to support Louisiana and Mississippi. Along with FEMA, a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Power Restoration team and its planning and response teams for debris, temporary roofing, infrastructure assessment, temporary housing and temporary power also is in place to help with recovery operations.
  • The Army is adding fresh help in the battle against California wild fires. Some 200 active duty soldiers will help out in Northern California, with operational command coming from Northern Command’s Joint Force Land Component. The soldiers will arrive at the request of the National Interagency Fire Center. They’ll help with efforts to quell the Dixie fire, which encompasses two national parks and a national forest. The soldiers will receive their gear and start training today. The Air Force has provided eight C-130 airplanes fitted with fire suppression systems.
  • The military services would establish special victims prosecutors for sexual crimes under a House version of the annual defense bill. The House Armed Services Committee’s “chairman’s mark” would reform the Uniform Code of Military Justice to address sexual assaults in the military. The bill would also reallocate most of the $3.3 billion that was originally earmarked for the Afghan Security Forces Fund. The committee will mark up the bill this week, with a flurry of amendments and lengthy debate expected during the meeting. (Federal News Network)
  • It’s official — President Joe Biden intends to give federal employees an average 2.7% pay raise…