FlyTrap malware masquerades as a coupon code to steal Facebook data

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There is a warning about a new form of malware for Android. The so-called FlyTrap malware looks for Facebook data and operates in a cunning manner. How do you recognize malware and what can you do about it?

FlyTrap malware on Android

Cybersecurity company Zimperium has discovered a new form of malware for Android. The malware is called FlyTrap. Thousands of users in at least 144 countries are said to have been affected by the malware. It was discovered that the malware could simply be found in the Google Play Store. It masquerades as an app that supposedly allowed you to register free coupon codes for Netflix, Google AdWords, or something else. In addition, malware has been detected in some football-related applications, where you can vote for the best football team or the best player.

Image via Zimperium

Fake login pages are often used, but the creators of this malware took a different approach. Users were redirected to a legitimate Facebook login page. Then a JavaScript injection was used. This made it possible to store data such as login details. To know the location, email address and IP address of users. They were caught this way. The information is then redirected to the hackers’ server.

Google has removed several apps from the Google Play Store following the Zimperium report. It may still be available for download via other channels. For this reason, it is again cautioned not to download them via any means other than the Google Play Store.