Free ‘REvil’ Decryption Software Will Be Available For People Whose Computers Are Encrypted Before July 13

REvil ransomware affected many users around the world, especially when it struck Kaseya over the past months. The common modus of the gang behind the REvil attack is to make the victim pay the ransom before the group decrypts the system.

Now, BitDefender released a free decryption tool for the victims who were previously hit by the REvil malware.

Free Decryption Tool For REvil Ransomware

BitDefender Releases Free Decryption Tool For REvil Ransomware

(Photo : Sigmund from Unsplash)
For those users who were affected by the previous REvil ransomware attacks, you can use a free decryption tool made by Bitdefender.

Dealing with malware like in the case of REvil could be difficult for users who have little to no knowledge about dealing with it.

REvil ransomware gang is notorious for forcing its victims to pay corresponding money in exchange for a master decryptor tool for their computers.

Cybersecurity firm Bitdefender confirmed that it has released the latest decryption software for REvil.

The good news is the victims can get it for free.

Bitdefender made it possible through the help of an unknown agency concerned with law enforcement. When the Romania-headquartered firm was asked about the specific name of its collaborator, it declined to comment.

The company has been tight-lipped on how it arrived with a free master decryption key for all REvil victims. It only said that there was an ongoing investigation about the malware.

The REvil decryption software could be used by those people who were hit by the malware, but there’s a catch. Those who have their computers encrypted by the malware before July 13 should be able to use it.

Bitdefender Warns Users About Returning REVil Attacks

According to a report by SlashGear on Friday, Sept.17, Bitdefender shared that the Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) operator of REvil could possibly come from a CIS nation.

Furthermore, the dangerous malware began in 2019 when it has become proxy ransomware of the GandCrab, which was now non-existent.

However, the attacks linked to this malware were reportedly happening once again.

Most importantly, REvil ransomware dwells on the depths of the dark web to infect many tech companies.

You can download the free decryption software…