GateHawk Gen3 Video Intercom Replaces Key Fobs With Mobile Credentials

GateHawk’s Gen3 video intercom includes on-smartphone access control, offering a built-in access reader that works with Bluetooth and NFC.

PHOENIX — Responding to the surging multi-dwelling market, GateHawk has introduced its Gen3 Video Intercom.

GateHawk says that its latest product addresses the increasingly important need for video intercom capabilities in multifamily apartments and single-family communities. The new Gen3 Video Intercom is designed to provide these residential environments with a modern, safe and convenient way enter and leave these communities.

“We built this product to solve the frustrations caused by other video intercoms and gate entry systems on the market,” states Jenna Dickensheets, business manager at GateHawk. “Properties are tired of dealing with stagnant features, confusing interfaces, and high replacement costs. We’re giving them a new alternative.”

GateHawk Gen3 Video Intercom Complements Smart Devices

The access control manufacturer points out that its latest product offers residents of multi-dwelling and single-family communities a host of features that complements the products they use everyday.

GateHawk emphasizes that its new video intercom incorporates smartphone access control, including a built-in access reader that works with Bluetooth and NFC. These wireless connectivity options allow residents to open a property gate using their smartphone instead of key fobs.

Some of the other features the new Gen3 Video Intercom provides includes a companion mobile app that offers guest management to allow residents to send temporary guest passes to family and friends, instead of giving them gate codes.

GateHawk explains that all guests need to do is show a QR code to the video intercom and the door or gate will unlock.

GateHawk offers property owners a choice of three Gen3 Video Intercom models:

  • 12-inch touchscreen with a large touchscreen interface
  • 10-inch screen with keypad that provides a screen with a physical keypad
  • 7-inch screen with keypad that is designed for high-risk locations

The West Coast company adds the three Gen3 Video Intercom models employ stainless-steel enclosures that are engineered to…