GBT’s first 3D, Multiplanar Microchip Continuation Patent Granted

GBT Technologies Inc.

GBT Technologies Inc.

GBT’s first continuation patent strengthening the new multi-dimensional integrated circuit’s architecture and manufacturing concepts

Patent Granted on August 9, 2022

SAN DIEGO, Aug. 25, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — GBT Technologies Inc. (OTC PINK: GTCH) (“GBT” or the “Company”), first 3D, Multi-Planar IC design and manufacturing technology, continuation patent, was granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”) on August 9, 2022. The first continuation patent is focused on strengthening the new microchip’s design and manufacturing concepts and methodologies. A second continuation patent was filed on July 29, 2022, seeking to protect the memory integrated circuit’s architecture and connectivity structures. The original nonprovisional patent protects a system and method to design and manufacture microchips on multi-plane surfaces, enabling placing more electronic circuits on chips, with the goal of enabling faster performance and better electrical characteristics. GBT recently filed an additional patent to enhance its 3D, multi-dimensional concepts. This patent describes a system and method to analyze, calculate and determine the optimal 3D, multi-planar shape to manufacture a chip according to a desired process dimension. The goal of such system, when fully developed, is to predict the most optimal 3D, multidimensional shape to best fit a selected design node.

GBT has invested effort in the integrated circuit field and related EDA design automation technologies, with the goal of developing innovative systems and methods to design and manufacture the next generation of the world’s semiconductor projects. Its 3D, multi-dimensional microchip architecture IP introduces methods to design and manufacture integrated circuits to fit advanced analog, digital, and mixed type ICs on a silicon wafer. The goal is to apply this type of technology in various fields including AI, medical, autonomous vehicles and industrial technologies.

“We have invested significant effort in the integrated circuits arena and we believe that we have developed advancements for the next era of electronics. Our 3D, multi planar patents are aimed…