Georgia election official debunks Trump’s ‘ridiculous claims’

  • Georgia Voting System Implementation Manager Gabriel Sterling fact-checked a wide range of President Donald Trump’s new and old baseless election and voter fraud claims on Monday. 
  • Sterling’s weekly news conference came after multiple news organizations published audio of a stunning hour-long call where Trump pressured Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to reverse the election results.
  • Sterling said that he “screamed into his computer” and “screamed in his car” when he heard Trump repeating debunked conspiracies about ballots being tampered with at State Farm Arena.
  • “Again, this is all easily, provably, false. Yet, the president persists. And by doing so, undermines Georgians’ faith in the election system, especially Republican Georgians,” Sterling said. 
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In a news conference Monday, Georgia Voting System Implementation Manager Gabriel Sterling tried to fact check as many of President Donald Trump’s election and voter fraud claims as possible.

Monday’s press conference was the latest in a series of news conferences that Sterling has dubbed “anti-disinformation Mondays” or “Groundhog Day Mondays” of refuting the same general falsehoods and misconceptions about the November election. 

Sterling, at times appearing exacerbated, emphasized that the state has conducted a thorough audit of its results and that voters should not “self-censor” by refusing to vote in Tuesday’s Senate runoff elections because of Trump’s mischaracterization of the November election as fraudulent.


The news conference came on the heels of a leaked phone call between the president and Georgia’s Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, where Trump urged him to “find” thousands of votes that would retroactively flip the Peach State’s results in his favor.

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Sterling was flanked on Monday by a large chart showing Trump’s accusations juxtaposed with facts on how Georgia conducts its elections.

“We see nothing in our investigations…