Get Ahead of Cybercriminals With Extended Security Posture Management

The COVID-19 pandemic may have started in 2020 but we are still reeling from its effects in 2021. While businesses and various organizations have struggled to stay afloat as it gets pummeled by the negative effects of the pandemic, cybersecurity teams are also facing their own significant challenges.

For one, the shift to work-at-home or remote work arrangements for many businesses has put a lot of strain on the IT department as it tries to configure and maintain the office network for remote access by employees working from many different locations. But another significant challenge for the IT team—which in itself may also be brought about by the pandemic—is the significant increase in the activity of malicious actors and cybercriminals.

A recent report published online revealed that in 2021, ransomware attacks surged by an alarming 148 percent. This dramatic increase in attacks has been attributed directly to the pandemic as more people are now working from home. Attackers know that there are now more exposed vulnerabilities and potential points of entry into networks because of the large number of users who access office networks remotely.

Another reason for the dramatic increase in attacks is the fact that hacking tools are now so readily available and easily accessible. There is even a growing industry of tools that take advantage of zero-day exploits to access the It infrastructure of organizations. It’s a lucrative business—given that zero-day exploits can have a value that could reach 1 million USD or even more in the open market.

With the alarming increase of malicious actors now operating with the sole purpose of taking advantage of networks in order to steal data, one thing is for certain. Cybersecurity needs to be beefed up.

Fortunately, while hackers are hard at work with their malicious intent, the good guys are also hard at work to try and thwart them. This is why it’s wonderful news for security experts all over the world that Extended Security Posture Management (XSPM) services are now available. This is a huge benefit to IT professionals.


Extended Security Posture Management to the rescue

Hackers will always try to be a step ahead of security teams because…