Getting rid of this annoying System Security computer virus protection?

Every 4 minutes in middle of something it pops up, tells me that it caught another virus trying to invade my computer. then I close it, and this “Are you sure you want to close this?” thing comes up! I went to control panel but the System Security is not listed there! WHY? the noton security’s there though! why not this one? Ugh. Someone help hella annoying
It keeps telling me to activate the damn thing but i cant it costs money to

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  1. baconforthewin says:

    If it won’t just uninstall, find the process and end it using CtrlAltDel and then use a free file shredder such as the one listed below to delete it.
    Alternatively you could use Unlocker (also free) which should kill the process and delete it by itself.

  2. Chad S says:

    I suggest Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware or Superantispyware because I had that before and those two things got rid of it. Their both free last time I used it. If it keeps doing it then I suggest you buy a program and if that doesn’t help then your last resort is to reformat/format it

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