Google is home but redirecting to Yahoo

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My Google searches are redirecting to Yahoo. In fact, when I do a Google search, the Malwarebytes Browser Guard pops up because it is blocking Right before I discovered this redirection, I was suddenly getting constatn pop-up notifications. I was able to stop them but then discovered the Google redirection to Yahoo. I am the only one that uses this laptop, and I don’t remember clicking anything unusual/suspicious or anything unusual happening after clicking anything for my schoolwork.


I have tried everything in the self guides I could find, but the problem persists. I could really use some expert help.

Thank you!






==================== Internet (Whitelisted) ====================


(If an item is included in the fixlist, if it is a registry item it will be removed or restored to default.)


TcpipParameters: [DhcpNameServer]

Tcpip..Interfaces{9011cae0-8fab-4894-80ae-7256e223688e}: [DhcpNameServer]

Tcpip..Interfaces{ae850531-495e-43f7-b1a3-bc9aa2079353}: [DhcpNameServer]




Edge Extension: (No Name) -> AutoFormFill_5ED10D46BD7E47DEB1F3685D2C0FCE08 => C:WindowsSystemAppsMicrosoft.MicrosoftEdge_8wekyb3d8bbweAssetsHostExtensionsAutoFormFill [not found]

Edge Extension: (No Name) -> BookReader_B171F20233094AC88D05A8EF7B9763E8 => C:WindowsSystemAppsMicrosoft.MicrosoftEdge_8wekyb3d8bbweAssetsBookViewer [not found]

Edge Extension: (Honey) -> EdgeExtension_HoneyScienceCorporationHoney_cbe4c63gm1mzr => C:Program FilesWindowsAppsHoneyScienceCorporation.Honey_11.4.2.0_neutral__cbe4c63gm1mzr [2019-06-21]

Edge Extension: (No Name) -> LearningTools_7706F933-971C-41D1-9899-8A026EB5D824 => C:WindowsSystemAppsMicrosoft.MicrosoftEdge_8wekyb3d8bbweAssetsHostExtensionsLearningTools [not found]

Edge Extension: (No Name) -> PinJSAPI_EC01B57063BE468FAB6DB7EBFC3BF368 => C:WindowsSystemAppsMicrosoft.MicrosoftEdge_8wekyb3d8bbweAssetsHostExtensionsPinJSAPI [not found]

Edge DefaultProfile: Default

Edge Profile: C:UsersGina TestAppDataLocalMicrosoftEdgeUser DataDefault [2021-06-26]

Edge HomePage: Default -> hxxps://

Edge Extension: (Honey) -…