Google will introduce modern security measures for Android

Over the years, Google has given Android more and more security features. These are meant to ensure users are protected, often in the details and areas they don’t care about.

To make sure that Android becomes more secure, not only in newer versions, but extends to older versions. Thus there is an obligation to bring some new features associated with permissions to these older versions.

With Android 11, Google has brought new permissions and the way apps and services use them. Specifically, and in a very specific area, these permissions are removed after some time without using the app.

This novelty has ensured that no application can be hidden and data collected. To do this, you will have to show the user a new message asking for new permissions and alert them to use them.

With this little action being successful, Google decided that it should also be extended to other versions of Android. This news will be received with updates to other elements of Android itself, not depending on the brands or manufacturers.

From that point on, older versions of Android are also subject to these new rules. The permissions of the app have validity, which if it expires due to lack of use, it must be requested again from the users.

Permissions for Android Google Security Apps

The limits created by Google directly determine who will receive this news soon. We are talking about all versions of Android up to 6. Users here are subject to the rules set by this new policy.

This is an important step for Android and many smartphones that use this system. Thus Google ensures that the latest security measures created are passed on to older models, keeping them protected.