Graduate Q&A: Aishwarya Vinod, Eastview High School | Free

Family: I am part of a family of four. My dad, mom, and my younger sister.

City of residence: I live in Apple Valley.

What are your plans after graduation?

I plan on attending Northeastern University in Massachusetts. I will be pursuing a combined major in cyber security and business with a concentration in fintech. 

Why did you choose this direction/field of study?

I chose this field of study because I wanted to pursue a major that would allow me to explore several academic areas before narrowing down on one specific field. The business and tech fields are constantly changing and new job opportunities are growing by the day. 

Did you have a mentor who helped you in some way? Who were they? How did they help?

My biggest mentor is my dad. He helped me with my college applications, signing up for classes like Personal and Business Law and AP Computer Science Principles in school, and learning about Python, Linux, Amazon Web Services, database management, etc., which helped me pick a major. 

What has been the most difficult part about spending your senior year in a distance learning model?

The most difficult part about spending my senior year in a distance model was finding the motivation to attend Zoom classes almost every day, back to back, from 7:45 to 1:40, and getting my school work done. I found myself being extremely lazy and procrastinating on all my priorities.

What have you, your friends, and your family done to make the most of the situation?

Some things that helped me stay positive include movie nights with my family, everyday calls with my friends, reading books, going on walks, ordering different types of foods on UberEats, talking to my relatives back in India, and using social media to connect with other incoming freshmen at my university. 

What’s your favorite memory about high school?

Although it’s really hard to choose one single favorite memory, the time I saw my friends since quarantine is definitely one of my most memorable memories. After months of talking to each other only through a screen, it was a very emotional moment when we all finally saw each other.

What advice would you give to younger students?

You probably hear this so…