Hacker Seizes Control of Internet-Enabled Chastity Cages

News Highlights: Hacker Seizes Control of Internet-Enabled Chastity Cages.

All your base

In perhaps the most chilling example of why your household items probably don’t need a connection to the internet, we bring you the news that a hacker took control of internet-connected chastity devices and demanded a Bitcoin ransom before releasing his hostages. .

But first, let’s take a few steps back. A chastity device is, simply put, a penile cage that is a popular accessory within the BDSM community. And as Motherboard reports, the good folks at the Chinese manufacturer Qiui decided to create a model called Cellmate that will be locked and unlocked through an app. And then a hack once again underscored how the Internet of Things often suffers from horrible cyber security.

“Your dick is mine now,” the hacker reportedly told one of the victims.

Cage Match

Fortunately, the hacker seems to have picked the wrong time to strike – victims of the cyber attack who spoke to Motherboard said they weren’t actually wearing their Cellmate cages when the …

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