HackerOne Acquires Code Security Tester PullRequest

HackerOne, the world’s most trusted provider of ethical hacking solutions, announced its acquisition of PullRequest, the pioneer of code-review-as-a-service. 

PullRequest’s technology and code reviewers will enable developer-first security testing solutions. These changes will ultimately help customers release trustworthy software faster by embedding expert security reviewers within their software development lifecycles (SDLCs).

Security remains a notorious blocker to innovation as organizations race to remain competitive in an increasingly digital world. Nearly half of developers feel more responsibility for security as their organizations prioritize security earlier in the SDLC. Code-review-as-a-service enables developers to identify issues faster with direct real-time feedback to make better code changes so high-quality, secure code ships to production.

PullRequest is trusted by thousands of organizations, from small startups to internet giants and government organizations. PullRequest offers code review to its customers via its reviewer community of senior-level developers, with expertise spanning platforms, from web to mobile, and all common coding languages and frameworks including React, Python, and Node. All reviewers are extensively background checked, evaluated for aptitude, and hold years of experience as software engineers at leading technology companies in Silicon Valley. 

Alex Rice, HackerOne Co-founder and CTO
Developer-first is the future of application and cloud security. Over 70% of organizations claim to integrate aspects of security earlier in development to minimize their attack resistance gap, yet less than 25% of security issues are found during development. We’re bringing feedback from security experts to the developer workflow so they can quickly fix bugs and get back to building.

Lyal Avery, CEO and founder of PullRequest
We founded PullRequest to help developers produce high-quality code, and quality is inseparable from security and privacy. Together, HackerOne and PullRequest will expand our now united mission to better serve all those working to build a safer internet for everyone.