Hackers are increasingly targeting Apple products. Here’s how to protect your device :: WRAL.com

Apple has marketed its computers and phones as devices invincible to malware.

But hackers are finding ways around Apple’s built-in protection and breaking into Mac computers and iPhones.

Earlier this year, Apple found significant vulnerabilities in its security system. A recent Apple update hopes to make its iOS software better at protecting users from malware.

Any device you have connected to the internet is at-risk of being compromised, according to Consumer Reports.

“Don’t ignore operating system and app updates. This is where known security flaws are fixed, but it’s up to you to install them,” said Bree Fowler, Consumer Reports’ Tech Editor.

Here are some steps you can take to secure your Apple device.

Make sure your device has the latest software update installed

To make sure your iPhone or iPad is up to date, go to: Settings -> General -> then Software Update.

On a Mac computer go to: Launchpad -> System Preferences -> then Software Update.

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If your device is not getting iOS updates because it’s too old, it’s time to replace it.

Set a strong passcode, password

Apple says you should set a passcode on your iPhone. It’s the best way to safeguard your device, Apple says.

Setting a passcode also turns on data protection, which encrypts your iPhone data.

And no matter what brand of device you use, protecting it and all your online accounts with a strong password is critical.

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Experts recommend using a long string of random words, numbers and special characters.

Consider using a password manager, so you don’t have to remember a long list of passwords.

Turn on Find my iPhone

Apple says that Find My iPhone helps you find your device if it’s lost or stolen.

That feature also prevents any one else from activating or using your iPhone if its missing.

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Be aware of phishing attempts

Phishing attempts are one of the most common ways hackers get the goods! Scammers send emails that appear to come from trustworthy sources, and tell you to click on links in order to “rectify some problem,” according to…