Hackers Claim Drug Data Theft As Reports Warn Health Sector

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Pharma Maker Disputes Data Compromise Amid Reported Rise in Sector Attacks

Hackers Claim Drug Data Theft as Reports Warn Health Sector
A dark web marketplace offers for sale – for $500,000 in bitcoins – data allegedly stolen from drugmaker Novartis.

Drugmaker Novartis says no sensitive information was compromised in an alleged incident involving a hacking group that claims to have stolen company data “directly” from the laboratory environment of a manufacturing plant.

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The alleged incident involving Novartis is among the latest examples of rising cyberattacks on healthcare sector entities and comes amid warnings to the industry by federal authorities about certain threat actors.

A new report by security firm Sophos finds that 66% of healthcare organization respondents acknowledge that their organizations were hit by ransomware in 2021, up from 34% in 2020.

The 94% increase in ransomware attacks on healthcare sector entities over a one-year period “demonstrates that adversaries have become…