HackersEra introduces ICS/OT/IIoT security consultation

Concerns about cybersecurity have been more common in recent years. Clients’ social security numbers are stolen from corporate computer systems by hackers. Hackers steal login credentials details from social networking sites, and they also steal corporate secrets from the internet. Cybersecurity is becoming increasingly important for businesses of all sizes.

Security breaches are not just a serious threat to the sensitive information business needs. It may also damage their client’s allegiance and put them into serious legal difficulties. The hazards of cybercrime are increasingly becoming yet more severe as new technology develops, from self-driving vehicles to internet-facilitated security schemes.

To prevent such security breaches, HackersEra Introduces “ICS/OT/IIoT Security Consultation” to Assist Critical Infrastructure Organizations with Cyber Threat Elimination.

What is HackersEra all about?

HackersEra is a renowned cybersecurity service provider that pioneered the adoption of flexible business techniques that now allow our clients to operate in a more secure environment while producing more value.

Their strength rests in their ability to comprehend their clients’ company processes, culture, vision, and goals across industries and provide dependable client-oriented solutions. HackersEra began operations in 2015 with the goal of providing cybersecurity consulting services to customers worldwide as partners, as well as conceptualizing, realizing, and leading technology-driven business transformation initiatives to achieve their goals.

HackersEra’s expansion over the years

HackersEra commenced its operations in the year 2015, and in just six years, the company has been able to expand itself internationally.

What began as a single man’s dream has dramatically transformed the cybersecurity sector. They are working to turn the digital age around and make it a safer place to live.

Vikash Chaudhary, the company’s CEO, and founder founded HackersEra in Pune, Maharashtra. It has lately expanded globally into two of the world’s most powerful marketplaces, namely the United States and Malaysia, with the goal of reaching…