HackNotice Introduces the First-Ever Free Combined Security and Threat Awareness Service

Fremont, CA: HackNotice launched world’s first security and threat awareness combination service available to both new and current users. Individuals may expand their understanding of appropriate cyber hygiene practices by taking the additional security awareness training course. The course includes 50 instructional videos, a cybersecurity exam, and accreditation

The new program is a wonderful addition for clients of HackNotice Teams, HackNotice’s security and threat awareness service, who are eager to boost their enterprise’s security programs. Quick, on-the-spot courses are ideal for engaging employees and business divisions inside an organization. Clients may also view dynamic statistics to see user and organizational progress and opportunities for development.

Hacknotice is the first company-wide security awareness software that makes staff more careful when using the internet. Users monitor, review, and respond quickly to real-world cyber-threats. The Hacknotice platform focuses on bridging the gap between the security staff and other workers through real-time warnings, round-the-clock monitoring, recovery advice, and extra education.

Cybersecurity training gets primarily provided to corporation personnel, with rigorous, week-long seminars and lectures typically costing hundreds of thousands of dollars. On the other hand, having strong security awareness is essential for any individual. The newly published self-paced course assures that everyone who has access to the internet may learn proper cyber practices.

HackNotice’s new course provides focused modules tailored to a user’s risk profile. “What makes the combined service great is that our threat modeling and security awareness course work together. When someone faces a large amount of personal information exposure, we recommend more phishing training. When someone has several passwords stolen, we have them focus on our password training. Now, users can receive the critical training that they need instantly, tailored to their specific risks,” said Steve Thomas, CEO and Co-Founder of HackNotice.