Has anyone done any reasearch on what the best internet security package is?

I got Panda with my new laptop and from what I can gather it is pretty poor. I’ve been trying to figure out what other options are best and to be honest my head is a bit fried from reading about all the internet security packages. I download alot of stuff so I want something thet can make this as safe as possible.

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  1. Linux OS says:

    If you want to safely download a lot of stuff then use non-Microsoft software. You get great security, for example, by running from a Linux LiveCD! You’ll be able to safely browse to any site and download any file with 100% certainty that your operating system will not be permanently infected.

  2. ForensicGirl says:

    The best is the one you find easiest to use and take the time to properly learn… .. from a reliable vendor..(mcafee, norton, etc)… that you take the time to properly configure and ensure it’s automatically updating.

    Safe browsing habits, basic computer maintenance, security awareness, and common sense… are all indispensible.

    Good Luck

  3. emc2_is_relative says:

    Im not sure why these people are saying to use Norton and such although BitDefender is pretty good but… Zone Alarm has been ranked no1 for many many years check it out http://www.zonealarm.com/store/content/catalog/products/sku_list.jsp?dc=12bms&ctry=US&lang=en
    I use the security suite and I have used many others but none of them compare to the features and security of ZA pro SS just save yourself the trouble and forget the rest and get the best even just download the trial and I gurantee youl buy it or ….

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