Has your smartphone been hacked? Here are nine tell-tale signs

Editor’s note: This blog was provided to WRAL TechWire by Journalistic.org.


The world of technology has been sabotaged once again, amid news that WhatsApp users have been experiencing a new form of scam, potentially hijacking their accounts through a single phone call, exposing personal information such as private messages and contact lists.

As users become savvier to scams, it would appear cyber-attacks on mobile technology is becoming increasingly sophisticated.

Global search trend data highlights 20,000 Google enquiries for ‘how to know if your phone is hacked’, and so experts at Bespokesoftwaredevelopment.com (https://www.bespokesoftwaredevelopment.com/) chose to provide a thorough check list of 9 tell-tale signs, to help identify if you’ve been the victim of a cyber-attack.

Battery life weakens  

A decreased battery lifespan is common the longer you have a phone. However, if your phone is relatively new, and in good condition, there’s a strong chance that if your phone has been hacked, you’ll notice your battery decrepitating significantly.

Reason being is that malware has been installed on the device, which secretly utilises your phone’s existing resources and apps, transferring any data back to the hacker or the server.

Your phone gets hot

It’s inevitable that overuse on your phone could result in it feeling a little warmer than usual. Whilst this is relatively normal, a tell-tale sign of your phone being hacked is that your device becomes hot without this excessive use. This is again because a hacker will have installed malware running in the background, which results in added activity, causing your phone to become too hot.

Background noise on calls

Some tell-tale signs may not be as obvious, but if your phone has been hacked, you might notice a lot of background noise, during a phone call or when your audio is on. This could be a sign someone is listening to your conversations, or a hacker has accessed your device.

Consistent pop ups and mysterious browsing experience

Pop up ads are relatively normal, and we won’t often question their authenticity. However, the time to start questioning if you’ve been hacked is if you start to…