Help with removing McAfee Security Center from my computer?

I have used the add/remove programs to try and remove McAfee from my computer, specificaly the security center and data back up, but every time it tells me it can not remove these programs. How do I remove it completely from my computer. Detailed instructions would be great.

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  1. glenhandy1 says:

    Start your computer fro the Safe -Mode. Then remove the program from your HD. add/remove folder

  2. scandrewooka says:

    Make sure all McAfee applications are closed. In the task bar, or open files. Then Close all processes that deal with McAfee in the task manager (ctrl+alt+delete), in the processes tab.

    Turn off the protection in the security center. If your using Vista, you can disable it just like the firewall.

    Then once all programs are closed/ disabled try uninstalling it again with the add/remove programs.

  3. drpepper55 says:

    Go to the McAfee site and get the McAfee Product Removal tool and follow the instructions. This will properly remove the McAfee suite in the way that it is supposed to be done. Best to you…

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