Here is how AI is transforming reproductive treatments, IT News, ET CIO

By Vanshika Sharma

Here is how AI is transforming reproductive treatmentsThe dimensions of healthcare has widened with the adoption of modern thinking and the acceptance of medical innovation. Over the past few years, there has been an increasing utility and a growth of AI and digital technologies in reproductive medicine for new standardization, automation, and precision.

With automatic annotation of embryo development, embryo grading, and embryo selection for implantation is evolving as one of the best uses of Artificial intelligence applications. The selection process of the best embryo from the larger cohort of the fertilized egg is majorly by the embryologist by grading the embryos.

“The embryo selection process is on the morphology and the photography of that particular embryo. Now, these grading because of the manual intervention will change based on embryologist to the embryologist, lab to lab and, city to city. Thus, the standardizing and automizing the process using AI becomes very, very important,” said, Nitiz Murdia, the co-founder and Director of Marketing & Embryology at Indira IVF Group while, explaining the grading of the embryos in acquiring the best suitable matches.

Multiple organizations are opting towards this development of the Artificial intelligence process to objectivize and standardize these embryos grading to predict the higher implantation potential embryo compared to any X-Y-Z or the other embryo. According to Murdia, the analysis of the data sets plays a vital role in selecting the embryo with higher efficiency.

“If I am an embryologist, I can only do a particular number of cases, but the AI prediction has at least one lakh cases in his database. It can perform a better prediction compared to me, and it has more experience compared to me. I might have experienced it for ten years but, the AI will have a combined experience of 150 years. So that is the biggest advantage I think with this kind of system that exists,” Murdia said.

Overcoming the Issues with AI

As AI increases the evaluation and selection for the embryos, the major problem lies in the grading performed by the individual embryologist. Each system delivers the different results of the same embryo image feed into the system by the…