Hi, Is it wrong to have two security programs running on one computer at the same time?

I have Norton Protection Center, which came free for 15 months with my new desktop, and AT&T Security Suite, with came with my DSL connection, both running in my computer. I trust Norton more, but unfortunately sometimes this free version does not come on for a while when I turn on the computer. Is it OK to run both as backups for each other?

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  1. Ryan says:

    no its not that bad but i recommend deletingone of them just to make sure. having two may slow your computer down even more and they might contradict each other. however having two means your double safe from viruses and spyware

  2. Colinc says:

    You should NEVER have 2 anti-virus running at the same time, they conflict and can reduce security by up to 60%. Also Norton has a bad habit of turning off other firewalls and blocking required services.

  3. Azrael says:

    Normally two good security soft would consider the other as malware and a battle will ensue rendering your pc useless. But since both your soft are pieces of crap that can’t even catch a cold you’re fine right that.
    Or you could do the decent thing and eliminate the junk and replace it with:
    browser – http://www.opera.com/ – replace that IE junk
    antivirus – http://www.avast.com/
    antispyware – http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyId=435BFCE7-DA2B-4A6A-AFA4-F7F14E605A0D&displaylang=en
    …………….. – http://www.safer-networking.org/en/download/index.html
    firewall – http://www.tallemu.com/
    They are all the best in their category and FREE.

  4. knombrt says:

    yeah thats not good…. cant have two programs snooping around your comp at the same time… can cause major problems

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