High-end and low-end extortion. Rolling-PWN. Social media and OSINT. Preparing for cyber combat.

Dateline Moscow, Kyiv, Vilnius, Warsaw, and Washington: DDoS, OPSEC, and other aspects of a hybrid war.

Ukraine at D+138: OPSEC in a social media world. (The CyberWire) Russia continues the reconstitution of its army. Its maneuver forces remain relatively static while its artillery continues the reduction of those Ukrainian towns and cities within cannon and rocket range. Ukraine says it’s making good use of NATO-supplied artillery, and Russian social media posts from the area of operations lend credence to those claims. Russia’s mounts DDoS attacks against Polish government sites as NATO and Ukraine organize an opposing cyber capability.

Russia-Ukraine war: List of key events, day 139 (Al Jazeera) As the Russia-Ukraine war enters its 139th day, we take a look at the main developments.

Russia-Ukraine war update: what we know on day 139 of the invasion (the Guardian) The death toll from a Russian missile attack on Chasiv Yar in eastern Ukraine rises to 33; Kyiv warns Russia will step up fight in Donbas

Russia Steps Up Attacks on Civilian Areas, Even With Advance Paused (New York Times) Russian forces in eastern Ukraine are regrouping, with a new offensive expected, but they continue to rain death and destruction on cities and towns.

Russia Repeatedly Strikes Ukraine’s Civilians. There’s Always an Excuse. (New York Times) The Kremlin’s explanations have sometimes satisfied the Russian people, but they fall apart under closer scrutiny abroad.

Russia-Ukraine war: Ukraine strikes Russian military depot ‘killing seven’ (The Telegraph) Ukraine says it launched a barrage of rockets and missiles on Russian military targets in southern Ukraine and destroyed an arms depot, in attacks that Moscow-backed authorities said had damaged homes.

Ukrainian rockets hit Russian-controlled area as Kyiv gears up for southern counter-attack (Reuters) Ukraine said on Tuesday it had carried out a successful long-range rocket strike against Russian forces in southern Ukraine, territory it says it is planning to retake in a counter-offensive using hundreds of thousands of troops.

Ukraine reports striking Russian ammunition depot in south (AP NEWS) Ukrainian authorities said Tuesday that their forces targeted a…