Hornet Security Inc. Launches New 365 Threat Monitor Mobile App Which Detects Threats that Breach Microsoft 365

MarketersMEDIA / Newsroom / Hornet Security Inc. Launches New 365 Threat Monitor Mobile App Which Detects Threats that Breach Microsoft 365

New threat monitoring application that detects breaches like ransomware, issues real-time alerts, and permits instant threat deletion for Microsoft 365.

Washington D.C, United States – September 1, 2021 /MarketersMedia/ — Hornetsecurity Inc. has announced the release of 365 Threat Monitor – a new mobile app for systems administrators that detects and deletes any threats that breach their Microsoft 365 environment. Hornetsecurity is offering free lifetime use to the first 10,000 administrators who sign up for the app.

365 Threat Monitor monitors a company’s Microsoft 365 mailboxes and identifies malicious emails immediately upon reaching the inbox. It then sends a real-time phone alert to the systems administrator, allowing the email to be instantly deleted before it can cause any damage. Deleting malicious emails is simple and requires only a single click. Using the app allows for malicious emails to be deleted remotely.

365 Threat Monitor is the latest innovation from Hornetsecurity, a leading provider of email cloud security and backup. The company developed 365 Threat Monitor to address the security threats many companies are faced with when using Microsoft 365. Microsoft does not provide a level of protection against email threats that prevents all phishing, ransomware and spam email from slipping through into mailboxes. When a malicious email makes it past the security provided by Microsoft, it can cause extensive damage to company systems. 365 Threat Monitor catches any malicious email that does slip through, allows one-click deletion through the mobile app, and provides system administrators with frequency reports.

“Surveys show that 52% of Microsoft 365 users believe it is safe enough. That is not the case, so we want to show administrators the extent of the problem while providing them with a solution. 365 Threat Monitor shows administrators which threats bypassed Microsoft protection and what damage could occur without an adequate security layer,” said a spokesperson for Hornetsecurity.

365 Threat Monitor combines…