How can i bypass the security on my school computer and go to any website i want?

Everytime im at school on the computer the security screening wont let me go to any sites, is there an easy was to get pass this so i can actually go to different websites?

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  1. jasonicus says:

    Ask your IT dept to allow you to ruin their pc’s. I’m sure they’ll let you then, otherwise use them for schoolwork.

  2. Kravis says:

    So you want us to tell you how to break school rules, and federal computer tampering laws?

    You should be thoroughly ashamed of yourself for asking such a wicked thing.

  3. Lance says:

    Well it is a complicated process involving bypassing the computers security and becoming an admin on the comp, which if you are really intent on doing this, i am sure you could look it up, or you can use a proxy like Ultrasurf, which works on my schools computers, and as a side note everyone that is saying don’t do this should think of this as educating yourself in the ways a computer works, which if you get good at can be used throughout your whole life and can lead to you getting a job that probally pays better than the peoples’ who are saying don’t do this.

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