How can I do to erase norton internet security on my computer?

Since I’ve gotten norton for free on my computer,it doesn’t work well,an I got that from yahoo,any time when the computer is frozen

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  1. donktheclown says:

    Click on the little yellow globe at the task bar on the bottom of your screen and right click “disable Norton Internet Security”

    DON”T disable “Anti Virus”.

    I have the same problem.

    Hey !!! Who gave me the thumbs down ?? This is what I was instructed to do from the tech at Norton, wise guy.

  2. joqnmen says:

    You’d be a fool to erase internet security from your comp. Seek tech support help for whatever reasons your intentions may be. Don’t go looking for answers here…but if your work keeps getting interrupted and all you want to do is temporarily disable it then go ahead and listen to donktheclown’s advise

  3. fen752546 says:

    use the add and remove in the control panel

    if this does not work use this link for the norton remove tool

  4. bluest_hues says:

    Do this:

    –Click Start
    –Click Control Panel
    –Click Add/Remove Programs
    –Find Norton Internet Security and highlight it
    –Click Remove button
    –Follow the prompts

  5. Annalyse says:

    Go to ‘control panel’

    Select ‘add/remove programs’ and select norton to remove it

    I’ve done it, no harm happened —- but it did mess with my PC before I got a new tower – maybe it is just me but I don’t trust norton at all – it is a virus in itself, in my view

    Make sure to get a different anti-virus program tho – you need one

  6. ExoticKiss says:

    Going to add/remove programs won’t get rid of it completely you also need to remove it from your registry files… here’s how to do it:

    “Start > Run > type in regedit and hit enter” this takes you to the registry files. Be very careful in here, you do not want to delete the wrong thing. Click on “My Computer” then up at the top of the page you want to click on “Edit > Find” a box will pop up, type in ‘Norton’ click “Find Next” This will scan each file and folder looking for the words you typed in, once one is found read it carefully and if the words “Norton” is in the string, Delete it. Hit F3 to search again. If no more files are found a box will pop up and say that it is done searching. When this box pops up, click ok, then re-do the search, just incase something was missed.

    Norton, in my experiance is horrible, it puts so much crap on your computer that you’re not even aware of. Try the free AVG virus program.

    Hope this helps.

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