How can I get rid of XP Internet Security for good?

I disabled it using the registry code method and ran an anti virus (Super Anti Spyware). My laptop is working normally now but I still keep seeing “XP Internet Security 2011” as the header of the window of IE whilst I’m online. How can I get rid of it for good?
@ Adam: You can’t disable it from tool bar.

@ Joshua: Thank you I’ll try that :)

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  1. Joshua says:

    Most the time it is running actively in the memory so when you scan it will not remove it…

    Here is may way:

    How to remove most Malware.
    1.Go into Safe Mode with Networking.
    a) Turn your on PC.
    b) Right after the BIOS Splash Screen (Dell, HP, Acer, Gateway, etc logos) repeatedly hit F8 till the boot menu appears, if it shows Windows Loading then this means you went to far. You’ll have to try it again.
    c) Then use your arrows on your keyboard to select “Safe Mode with Networking”
    d) After you login to your user account it should ask you if you want to proceed to Safe Mode you will want to Click “Yes”

    2.Download/ Run Rkill (this will kill any active malware running in memory). You might have to download all the software & their updates from other PC if you cannot connect to the internet. Just put them on a Flash drive.

    3.Download/ Run TDDSkiller (this will remove many of the Rootkit.Win32.TDSS family) If this has found something, reboot the PC back into Safe Mode with Networking then run Hitman Pro. If TDDSkiller did not find anything go on and run Hitman Pro. When Hitman has finshed reboot back into Safe Mode with Network. Both these scans take about 2-10mins each (depends on PC).

    4. Download/Run Malwarebytes, SUPERAntiSpyware & Spybot run them after you have updated them. Make sure you update them if not they are USELESS. This may take many hours depending on the PC. If your PC can handle it run all scans at the same time.

    5.After they have completed remove whatever they had found then restart the PC into normal mode. You may want to run the scans again to assure everything has been removed.

    6.Run some cleanup utilities such as Ccleaner and Cleanup. These programs will remove unwanted files such as temporary files, history, & cookies which also slow down a PC.

    You should have a clean machine now! :)

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