How can I save my computer from security threats? and…?

Papa disagreed but yielded to my request of having a broadband connection. I got it. Now I am concerned of numerous security threats on the net. How can I keep my beloved computer unhurt from malacious softwares,viruses etc?
How can I safely download free version of AVG 8 .1 (free from any fraudlant spyware download) ?
Please advise

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  1. novanoveu says:

    You should download and install a good set of security programs. AVG is a good start.

    Antivirus: AVG
    AntiMalware: Spyware Doctor Starter Edition, ThreatFire, Spybot
    Firewall: Comodo

  2. IMMI says:

    connect internet using a user login not an admin because files need a admin rights to install and replicate into the system.

    2nd is you can turn on firewall and enable the file and printer share.

  3. vu_tran764 says:

    I wouldnn’t believe in downloading free software. After you install it, your compiter don’t work. I have this problem and have to reset my computer to factory setting. It’s a pain to set it. Beside, is your computer worth more than a thousand dollars? And you don’t want your money in the trash can? If all of these concern you. I would say “go buy an antivirus software rather than download if free.

    One more thing, Be careful with any other free programs. It may contain virus and those virus spread behind the scene. You don’t really want to install any looking “funny programs”.

    Hope this help you.

  4. Alan B says:

    Any antivirus or antispyware you download, make sure you download from the manufacturer’s site. Also, pay attention when installing in case you have to uncheck boxes that allow them to install toolbars and the like along with your freeware. The other best advice there is… use commonn sense. Don’t open attachments from unfamiliar or “odd” email addresses, etc etc.

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