How can i uninstall xp internet security 2010 VIRUS!? For some reason it managed to get itself into my compute?

How can i uninstall xp internet security 2010 VIRUS!?
For some reason it managed to get itself into my computer. Same virus killed my computer in early 2009 and had to pay a lot to get it fixed.
I’ve already restored my computer back to a month ago but the stupid thing is still there. Does anyone kno how i can remove it?

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  1. joelj1964 says:

    DO NOT TURN YOUR PC OFF OR USE SYSTEM RESTORE! The key to this infection is getting rid of it fast. The longer it remains on your system the more it disables and prevents removal The first thing not to do is click on the X to exit the program or pop-ups if and when they appear. This will only multiply the infection. . Press Alt + F4 to exit the pop-ups. . Next, control panel > internet options > connections > LAN Settings. Make sure the box for use proxie servers is unchecked and that auto detect settings is checked. This should restore your ability to access the net. Next, click on the first link below and choose save. Save the file to your desktop for convenience. Click on the icon and let rkill run. Rkill is not a scanner. It will not scan your computer. Most people think they are unable to download rkill bcoz of it’s characteristics. When you click ro run rkill a black screen will appear similar to that of command prompt. It will say scanning to end the process for known malware. The screen will suddenly disappear. This is where people get confused. You do no receive a warning or any other message of what process has been stopped. Nevertheless, when the window for rkill disappears you are ready to download, update and scan with Malwarebytes. If you already have Malwarebytes on your computer at the time you became infected you will probably need to uninstall it and re-install. This is due to the files being corrupted by the infection on your computer. However, when uninstalling you will be prompted to re-start your computer. DO NOT DO THIS. Simply re-instlall. If you re-start your computer the process for the malware will start-up and you will have to run rkill again and even possibly remove and re-install Malwarebytes again as well. Update and choose quick scan of MBAM. Next, download Hijack This from the third link below and choose “Do a system scan and save log file”. Once the scan is complete the log file will open. Copy and paste the results into the text box of the fourth link below (although the main menu window offers you to upload the file log it is much faster to copy and paste). After pasting, click analyze and wait for the results to display. Scroll down the list to find all entries with a red x next to them. Locate those entries in the Hijack This main window and place check marks in the respective boxes. After all invalid entries have been marked click on “fix selected”. If you need further assistance you can email me from my Yahoo Answers profile page. Good luck!!

  2. Pricilla says:

    Yeah I know. They Ask you to pay to remove “some virus” that It probably does’nt have right?.
    I’m considering filing a Lawsuit, It might be a type of Fraud. Would you like to join me? Maybe we can working this out with other people and share the settlement you know?

    In any case Here is the Solution

    1. Pay them. but for what? right? They probably the ones that put it there.
    2. Back up you files such as Document,picture,video, etc.
    3. Sorry dude but you have to format your hard-drive and re-install your operating system. (XP?)

  3. Greg says:

    Internet Security 2010 is actually quite easy to fix. It’s basically just a rogue software tool that you can remove using this simple method:

    1) Stop it from running with CTRL + ALT + DEL
    2) Delete its files and directories
    3) Unregister its components
    4) Clean out all its settings

    This method works for all versions of this program and you can see a more detailed tutorial at:

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