how could i put my netrome security system on a network so i can view it from my iphone or another computer.?

i want to put my netrome surveillance system on a network although i have never put a security system on a network i know you view it through the ip address but how do i set up each camera to an ip all cameras are wired and the computer security system is connected to internet.

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  1. h8bozos says:

    Hi I wish I knew!
    Here is what I know, you need to go to and down the remote viewer for your camera system, I have the Black Box and a friend has the Tetragon.
    The Tetragon was easy to get set up the remote viewer to view IN the house but I can’t get it to view over the internet outside of the home.
    The black box in set up says you need a DDNS server to assign a name so when your Dynamic IP address (if it changes and it should if you don’t pay extra for a static IP address) using the free DDNS from Netrome would let your remote viewing (from Netrome) program find your router.
    Also you need to log on to your router and enable port forwarding (this lets the router know where your Netrome is on your network)
    Well it doesn’t work LOL.
    And calling Netrome over the last 4 days gets a recording saying to call during business hours AND I AM.
    So they are not answering calls the fax never picks up and no reply to my email.
    Good luck. Kevin

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