How do I change my security settings to allow websites that I have on my computer?-?

I get a message that say your security settings do not allow websites to use Active X controls installed on your computer.

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  1. Bomber says:

    that in general is a good thing if active x is blocked, active x can be used by questionable sites to install malware onto your computer without your knowledge the only active x control you should allow is for flash player

  2. Rowen says:

    Could be your Firewall or Ant Virus, even Anti Spyware. Or go to Tools->Internet Options->Scurity tab, and lower the slider to lower your security rating.

  3. halsca says:

    If you’re running Windows you can either use the control panel or the tools drop down menu of IE7 to access the security settings. Here you’ll see several tabs. You’ll want the Security and Privacy ones. You can use the slider to adjust the settings from High to Low. I use MEDIUM HIGH for both. This allows access to most websites.

    Now if you totally trust the content of a website you can click on the bar that appears along with the message and select the allow Active X controls option for that site only.

    As stated by others you DON’T want unsigned Active X controls installed on your computer, never know where they’ve been.

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