How do I explain our computer security?

I have a project at work in which I am to explain to one of our clients about our computer security. I am not in the IT field, so I need a little bit of help. Basically, all I have to do is explain to the client in writing that if our computer systems were to ever be stolen, that they couldnt be used at any other location due them only working on our IP address. How do I state this broadening the vocabulary? HELP!

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  1. Unca Alby says:

    To tell you the honest truth, that’s not really very secure.

    It is trivially easy to set up network such that the computer is at any desired IP address.

    We had a vendor once that used our registered IP address to make sure we were a legitimate purchaser of their software (we were). We changed network architecture any number of times, but, rather than pay them for customer service to change the registered IP, we would just dummy up a “fake” IP address for the computer that hosted the software.

    Your IP in combination with other things (such as dialing in to an authenticating computer over the Internet) MIGHT be more secure, but the IP address by itself is next to useless.

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