How do I get my computer security tool back?

I had downloaded and BOUGHT Security Tool to protect my PC about a month back. It was doing a great job with protection. I think one of my kids accidentally deleted or uninstalled it from my computer being that when I click on the shortcut it says “this shortcut has been changed or moved, so this shortcut will no longer work properly.” Is there a way I can fix this or recover my Security Tool. It was supposed to protect my computer for 2 yrs. Please help

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  1. tim g says:

    contact ‘security tool’ support.
    buying a security cd makes re-installation easy.

  2. tanya m says:

    it’s a scam i had to put my computer in safe mode because of the constant pop ups. i never bought it it just found it’s way onto my computer somehow. trust me you are better without it. i’m still searcing for ways to get that BS off my computer.

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