How do I get rid of the AV security suite on my computer?

I let my brother get on my computer and now it says theres this AV security suite on my computer, it wont let my get on my internet or anything else and it wont go away. I’ve tried everything! So please if someone does know how to get rid of it, it would be much appreciated if you could tell me how to :) thanks

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  1. The Arfen says:

    AV Security Suite it is a rogue anti-spyware program
    from the same family as Antispyware Soft and Antivirus Soft.

    start the computer in safe mode with net working.

    open internet explorer.

    click on the Tools menu and then select Internet Options

    Now click on the Connections tab

    Now click on the Lan Settings button

    Under the Proxy Server section,
    uncheck the checkbox labeled Use a proxy server for your LAN.
    Then press the OK button to close this screen.
    Then press the OK button to close the Internet Options screen.
    Now that you have disabled the proxy server
    you should be able to browse the web again with Internet Explorer.

    COME BACK TO HERE (on the infected computer).

    the .exe file associations are going to be destroyed so
    download this first you will need it later.
    Fix .exe :

    get malwarebytes here,
    this is a direct download link
    so you should have no trouble getting it.
    click on this link ↓ and then select run.
    then run a full scan and remove everything it finds.

    Now run the Fix .exe you downloaded earlier.

    Now do this online scan.
    to make sure you have nothing else hiding away.
    preferably still in safe mode with networking.


    How to Start Computer in Safe Mode with Networking.
    1. During BootUp process Press F8 continuously until selection appears.
    2. Use Arrow Up+Down to select SafeMode with Networking on the selections menu.
    3. Hit Enter to proceed.


  2. 16% Best Answer says:

    Use these instructions to remove AV Security Suite for free.

    1.Shut down your computer.
    2. Turn it back on
    3. When your computer manufacturing logo(like dell,HP,Toshiba,Sony etc.) goes away, repeatedly click f8 to get some options.
    4. Click “safe mode with networking”
    5.wait till your computer starts.
    6.When it finished starting, go to your internet.
    7. Go to
    8. Search malwarebytes.
    9. Go to their website, download the program
    10. when it finished downloading, install the program.
    11. When it finished installing, run the program.
    12. Update the program
    13. Click Full Scan
    14. Wait till it finished. It will take a while but it will remove it.
    15 when finished, it gives you instructions on how to remove the threats.
    16. When the threats are removed it will say it will need to restart. Do so.


  3. Giedrius M says:

    1. Disable proxy server, clean up hosts file and clean up dns settings.
    This will allow you to connect to internet.
    2. To stop AV Security suite processes, press ctrl+shift+esc and stop all processes with garbage names that are launched from your user account.
    3. Then you can either download malwarebytes/spyware doctor or search on disk for these files and delete them.

  4. Heather says:

    I’ve found that doing a system restore to the day before your computer got infected is the best way to go. I downloaded a spyware scanner system that scanned my computer, found everything wrong with it, then told me I had to buy it for $50 in order for it to fix my computer. If AV security suite will let you open the system restore, that is the absolute best way to go :)

  5. Michael says:

    Let your brother keep the computer and buy a better one yourself! j/k :)

    Well, this has been discussed no less than 100 times. OK. I was kind of exergerated, but seriously, if you just google it and you will get hundreds of hits.

    If you are too lazy to google, here’s something you can try:

    Good luck!

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