How do I put a security lock on my computer?

I am the user/1 administrator except I share my computer with others
living here and guests. I would like to know how to put a security
password before anyone can use it. I don’t mean the user password,
I mean a password that you need to even USE IT AT ALL! Also, I
bought this computer 3 yrs ago and I forgot my administrator password to make any changes or settings. Please help because
I do all my banking and business on this computer. Thanks!!!

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  1. J says:

    Install and use TruCrypt system Encryption. Every file folder and the entire Hard drive is encrypted. from the very first sector and MBR to the last, in fact the harddrive cant even be accessed with out you putting in the password. Even if they stole the harddrive its completely unusable and fully encrypted.

    See the link for more information. I guarantee you there is no better way to completely protect your privacy. WARNING: if you ever forget the password you will never be able to access anything on the drive again, you’ll need to completely format the drive

  2. MOHAMMED says:

    you can put apassword on ur boot
    from bios chose passwrod and search for boot up password

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