How do I remove security from a computer.?

I recently brought a computer home from work. The security settings for our network are still on the machine. Consequently I can’t access the internet with this computer because windows continues to look for the network. Does anyone know how to remove these? It is not a stolen computer.
Actually this was my computer that i brought to the office in the first place. I own the company. I upgraded the workstations there and brought this one back to my house. I would rather not bring this box back to the office to reconfigure…but if I must I will.
Thank you all for your speedy answers.

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  1. Tony RB says:

    It is more than just security settings; the network settings for that computer might be set up for specific IP addresses that are specific to the work network and hence you cannot access the Internet. Access to those settings varies depending on the Operating System you are using; Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Mac, and the various Linux distributions. Then when you return the computer to work, you will have to change those settings back.

    If your company expects you to work from home using this computer on the Internet, they have to provide you with more assistance. And you should insist they make a full backup of the computer so that if it gets hacked or attacked by malware, they can erase the drive and reinstall everything rapidly.

    Thursday, Feb 18, 2010

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