How do i stop getting notifications to renew my norton internet security?

i had a free trial of norton internet security but i got a different security. now im getting notifications everyday to renew norton even though i already have security. how do i make it stop?????

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  1. Ed G says:

    You need to remove Norton off your computer. If you uninstalled and are still getting notifications then you need to get the Norton removal tool and run it.

  2. Michael York says:


    This is Mike from the Norton Authorized Support team.

    Please follow the instructions below to properly remove Norton from your system.

    1. Click on the following link to download the Norton Removal Tool:

    2. After you run the tool, please restart your computer. Then log in to Windows again and run the removal tool again. Restart your computer after it is finished running the second time as well.


    Michael York
    Norton Authorized Support Team
    Symantec Corporation

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