How do I uninstall Bitdefender Total Security 2010 from my computer completely?

This program sucks and it gave me a virus in the process of downloading it. It didn’t find anything to begin with when I ran the scan. I uninstalled it from my computer last night, but it stopped in the middle and the program isn’t listed in the Control Panel Programs file. But it’s still on my Firefox dashboard and on it’s logo on the bottom right hand corner.

How can I delete it the registry file?

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  1. Sam says:

    Go to Start Menu > My Computer > C Drive > Program Files.
    After you are in that folder, delete anything named “BitDefender” or any folder with the company name.

    Now go to Start Menu > My Computer > C Drive > Program Data.
    Now delete anything relating to BitDefender or the company that makes BitDefender in that folder.

    Now open Start Menu > Run, now type “regedit.exe”
    Once that opens, navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER then expand Software.
    Delete anything relating to BitDefender.
    Now expand HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE then expand SOFTWARE once more.
    Delete anything relating to BitDefender.

    This will work if you are on Vista.

    Also make sure it doesn’t have a Firefox add-on installed by going to Tools > Add-ons in Firefox.

  2. michael s says:

    Start > Search > all files and folders…use the search ter bitdefender…and click search….alot of files and folder should come up….after the search….then click on finished searching….next click on each file or folder and then click delete….that should remove it from your computer manually….then if bitdefender has a parent company like Norton has Symantec….do a search for the parent company also…delete the files that come up…..

  3. Wide Glide says:

    How to uninstall BitDefender
    If BitDefender Gave you a virus then you did not download from official site. You do not have the full program, all you have is their Quickscan. Click on Tools>add-ons>and in the list find BitDefender QuickScan and uninstall it and restart Firefox

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