how do u get this program call security tool off your computer?

i was wondering how you can get this computer programed call security tool and how u can remove it off from your computer it is a bad anti viruse hope u can help me

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  1. Giedrius M says:

    1. go to C:WindowsSystem32 folder, copy taskmgr.exe and rename copy to iexplore.exe . Run it.
    (if you can’t, download process explorer, rename it to iexplore.exe and copy to usb disk. run from usb disk on infected pc). Stop numerical processes, like 235235623 . Note down their location.
    2. Run hitman pro. Do a scan, activate (for free), remove what it finds. Reboot, Run it again. Repeat (1-2) again, till hitmanpro finds nothing.
    3. Run Spyware Doctor, delete what it finds, If file, stopped at 1 is still there, rename and delete it.
    Here a more detailed guide :

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