how do you get personal security ads off of your computer?

I have internet explorer 8 and the Personal Security ad keeps popping up on my computer wanting me
to sign up and pay for software. I have Nornet.

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  1. Trollemite says:

    Download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and install it. Reboot into safe mode (hit F8 while the computer is booting) and run it. It should clean your machine off. If for whatever reason it won’t run, go into the directory you installed it to and make a copy of the .exe file for Malwarebytes and give it some unique name and run the copied .exe. Usually that little bugger blocks other antivirus products from running.

    Once you are rebooted ditch Norton. It is a system hog and obviously isn’t protecting you (plus the “Personal Security” probably broke it anyways). Microsoft’s Security Essentials seems to work pretty good and it’s free. There’s also a free version of Avast that works quite well too. Links to all are below.

  2. CyberBob says:

    The personal security ad is a rogue fake anti virus which infects computers .

    You need to download a good anti virus and a good anti malware package .

    I recommend downloading Avira @ offer a 30 day free trial on the avira premium security package and they also offer a very good free version .

    Another really good Anti virus is esetnod32 @ they do not offer a free version but offer you a free 30 day trial .

    ps : remember only run one anti virus program on your computer.

    You also should download this very good program .it is called malwarebytes anti malware @ http :// . it is free and can search for and detect and remove various threats .

    ps:make sure you update the database regularly on your security programs .set it to automatic on your settings .

    Also make sure you run your scans in safe mode .you can do this by restarting computer and just as soon as computer starts up .tap the F8 key a couple of times untill you see the list .choose safe mode (without networking)

    ps:for future reference i would also recommend using a safer browser such as firefox and make use of some of its excellent security add-ons .

    Good luck .and feel free to email me if you have any questions

  3. Alexis says:

    Your computer is infected with rogue anti-spyware
    Try to use some free antivirus and antispyware products
    SPYBot Search & Destroy
    MalwareBytes Anti-Malware
    Kaspersky Free removers
    You can also try to remove it manually. Use manual removal instructions
    Use manual removal guide only in SAFE MODE.

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