How do you remove Security Tool from your computer?

Somehow a program called Security Tool attached itself to this computer. I cannot get to the Windows Trash Bin, Control Panel. Can anyone help me? I tried to email the author of this program (TrafficZ) and I haven’t got a response. This computer keeps restarting itself and is about to crash. Can someone please help me?

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  1. Enzo says:

    Press F8 as soon as the PC starts
    Choose the “Safe Mode” option
    Now try and uninstall the program

  2. hero no .1 says:

    Get –

    Superantispyware Portable –

    Its a free scanner . Run the downloaded file and choose language . Then when a big screen comes up , Click on Scan your computer and scan your computer completely .Remove whatever it finds .

    Then download ,

    Malwarebytes Free –

    Install it and scan your computer . If it finds anything , remove it immediately .

    Then get an antivirus (Optional)

    Avira –

    Good Luck

  3. Carly xoxo says:

    hey i had this virus the other day, heres how i remved it

    firstly start up your comp with ‘safe mode with networking’ you so this by shutting down your comp and switching it back on and constantly pressing f8 until you come to a screen that has options and you select ‘safe mode ith networking’ By doing this the virus can’t interfere with what you are doing. The page will load up (1-2 mins) and then you will log on as usual (the screen might be bigger and look different, this is fine) (if you can’t get on safe mode just do it on normal mode)

    download this,… (if llink doesn’t work type ‘malware’ in the search box and click on the first one ”malware bytes”)

    its a reputable website that my internet company uses and this has helped me tons of times before. download it and run it (its free) (you might have to disable your pop up blocker at the top of the screen when downloading)
    perform quick scan (should take 10 to 20 mins)
    view results
    remove all
    go on quarantine (4th from the right colum)
    then delete all
    then restart your comp

    have done this many times, works everytime and can remove aything
    good luck:)

  4. Giedrius M says:

    1. go to C:WindowsSystem32 folder, copy taskmgr.exe and rename copy to iexplore.exe . Run it.
    (if you can’t, download process explorer, rename it to iexplore.exe and copy to usb disk. run from usb disk on infected pc). Stop numerical processes, like 235235623 . Note down their location.
    2. Run hitman pro. Do a scan, activate (for free), remove what it finds. Reboot, Run it again. Repeat (1-2) again, till hitmanpro finds nothing.
    3. Run Spyware Doctor, delete what it finds, If file, stopped at 1 is still there, rename and delete it.
    Here a more detailed guide :

  5. Ookamihi says:

    Please read
    I litterally just got this off my computer about an hour ago.
    Go to:
    Scroll down to the “Usefull suggestions from other people” (its at the bottom, but above the comments)
    Read the third option, about the number and finding it in safe mode.
    Do it. It works. Quick, and with no downloads required.

    If that method of finding the number doesn’t work, load your computer in normal mode, close out of somthing that Security Tool pops up, and wait for the box in the bottom right corner. Click the options wrench icon.
    Scroll down until you see the Security Tool icon, it will be next to the number you need. Just search that in Safe mode, and delet.
    I just did it. It works for sure.

  6. Zhu Lin says:

    Its a free scanner . Run the downloaded file and choose language . Then when a big screen comes up , Click on Scan your computer and scan your computer completely .Remove whatever it finds .

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