How do you rid your computer of system security?

I have a windows XP. We’ve been trying to get an anti-virus, but it keeps coming on the computer & blocking it. We’ve tried everything but still can’t get it to go away. Please help.

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  1. don piano says:

    Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware is *very* good at removing these types of threats. Follow the removal guide provided by Sly_Old_Mole.

    As suggested by someone else though, do not run MBAM in Safe Mode unless you have absolutely no other choice – MBAM is less effective in Safe Mode due to the fact that it uses a special driver that does not work in Safe Mode. Running MBAM in Safe Mode should only be a last resort.

    If MBAM will not install, rename the program file (mbam-setup.exe) to something else (e.g heregoes.exe) and try again.

    If installation is successful but MBAM will not run, try renaming the program file (mbam.exe – which by default is located in /Program Files/Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware) and run it by double-clicking on the new filename (the shortcut will no longer work as the file has changed).

    Good luck!

  2. cammie c says:

    hi this is how to remove system security

    1 system security is a rogue fake anti virus whice seys u have a virus when u dont and may want to buy somthing saying it will remove it when u put in ur info they will scam u

    2. removeing system security

    3. download malware bytes and then re-boot your computer and while its re-booting keep taping f8 and then put ur computer in safe mode then run malware bytes and do a scan and u should be rogue free
    thanks hope that helped

  3. Pc says:

    System Security is a rogue (fake) anti-malware application.
    In order to remove the program it will require you download, install, and update the best antispyware.
    Below are instructions on how to remove System Security. They are very simple and easy to follow.

    you can download (from the link below) and save it to your desktop.

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