how do you setup a wireless routers security for a Mac computer?

okay I think I know how to do some of this. I have a linksys wireless N router so i would type in, the username would be admin. after that i am not sure what to do. i want to setup security for my computer. and i want to be able to hook up my ps3 through wireless internet.

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  1. colanth says:

    1) Change the password. The default PASSWORD is admin (you leave the username blank). When you change the password, the username becomes admin.

    2) Set a key. Go to Use at least WPA-Personal/TKIP (how much further you can go depends on what your computers can handle, but WPA-Personal/TKIP is pretty secure. (Don’t use WEP – it can be broken in a few minutes.)

    3) Go to and change your SSID. Make it something that doesn’t identify it as you. (Any combination of letters and numbers is good.) It should be something you’ll remember but no one else can figure out. (Or just write it on the router.)

    4) Once you have everything connected (computers, PS3), DISABLE SSID broadcast. Your computers will still connect to the router – other computers won’t know that the router is there.

  2. Michele C says:

    linksys gave us 2 years of misery

    so I hooked up my  Airport Express and 11 computers in 55 minutes

    very happy trouble free computing ever since

    linksys was the problem

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