How Does Dhruva Sharma’s Vivid Voyage Look

Dhruva Sharma, a New Delhi-based security researcher, is potentially leveraging his ethical hacking skills to make the blockchain and crypto-verse free from cybercrime. Besides, this young Indian cryptoprenuer strives to utilize his professional talent to assist the global IT industry in combating cyber attacks and hacking.  


Dhruva Sharma: The Conventional Introduction 



Being an ambitious techpreneur, Dhruva aims to reduce the risk of cyber threats backed by disruptive technologies and trends. He wants to eliminate DDOS, social computing, cloud servers, and other evil practices creating consistent threats in the webworld. Dhruva prioritizes the need for developing a professional IT environment that focuses on blockchain, data security, ethical hacking, and government projects.  


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The Passion-driven Journey  


A drive to make the internet safer for data and information sharing has pushed Dhruva since his college days. His dedicated effort to protect different organizations from third-party unauthorized remote access to the organization’s server has given him stout recognition. He has already been rewarded by Microsoft, Apple, and Google as these giant tech organizations have mentioned Dhruva’s name honorably in their hall of fame. 


His contribution as a security researcher has been wholeheartedly recognized by the mentioned organizations, evidencing Dhuruva’s out-of-the-box expertise in data security. Dhruva has learned Black hat, OpenSSH, Wireshark, and many other security tools, which has given him a detailed understanding of technical analysis and security research.  


Besides, his keen interest in going through different cybersecurity-related journals has allowed him to stay up-to-date with the contemporary knowledge of cyber security. These skills are utterly efficient in baffling terrorism, drug scandals, and other crimes that leave a threat to society and people.  


The Thought 


Dhruva strongly believes that by strengthening the working methodology of IT apparatus in different industries, many problems can be addressed effortlessly. It includes the data…