How important is Norton Internet Security if you are using Vista? ?

I am a Mac user, but someone has asked me if they should get Norton Internet Security for their PC running PC. From what I understand Vista has some security features. Would they still need to get Norton Internet Security?

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  1. CPU says:

    I have never trusted Mirocrap to do the right thing for Security, they have a louzy record. I’d go with Norton.

  2. Ed G says:

    Yes Vista has UAC and it really helps. But you still need Anti- virus protection. Norton Internet Security 2009 is very good. A lot of users will say it’s junk that’s not the case. Very strong protection. This year there is no Internet Security Suite that runs as light as Norton. Not even Nod32 which is know for being light. Your friend could also go with one of the free anti-virus programs. They are several good ones. Are they as good as Norton. Nope, you get what you pay for. If the free version where as good as the paid versions why would anyone pay for anti-virus protection?
    That being said, if your friend what’s to add several free programs she could get protection as strong as Norton or Kapersky. As long as she has plenty of Ram and doesn’t mind the slight slow down from running more security software your friend should be fine.

  3. Quix says:

    Stay away from Norton it causes more problems than it’s worth and really mucks up a computer there are much better products for protecting your computer.

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